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Help Clients Make Informed Remodeling Decisions, Maximize ROI

Given the changing real estate market, clients may wonder whether or not to renovate and question which projects should take priority. They also may be interested in which upgrades provide the best return on investment (ROI). A recent Fixr report, Home Remodeling Statistics and Trends of 2023, sheds light on remodeling trends, homeowners’ spending habits, and interior design preferences.

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Homebuilders Embrace Age-Friendly Design, Deliver Comfort for All

Many homeowners consider making age-friendly home upgrades only after they face a challenging situation like a fall. By regularly talking with clients about aging-in-place modifications and sharing tips and trends, you can prepare them for aging at home. Such routine conversations can also position you as a trusted advisor when your clients need to make decisions about home improvements or if they decide it's time for them to move. A Builder Magazine story worth sharing with clients looks at what's trending among home builders and how newly constructed homes are evolving to be more age

Today’s Deal Breakers May Surprise Longtime Homeowners

Today’s Deal Breakers May Surprise Longtime Homeowners

If clients have been in their homes for decades, they may not know what home features are dealbreakers today. When they last bought or sold, the must-haves may have been extra garage space, that fourth bedroom, in-unit washers, and dryers in condo purchases. Expectations have changed, found NAHB in its study, What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition ( https://bit.ly/3zUoyki ). Today’s dealbreakers may surprise some of your sellers. The survey asked what features are essential (unlikely to buy a home without the feature), desirable (seriously influenced to buy the home if included)

Planning Phase for Home Remodeling Can Last Longer than Construction Time

Planning Phase for Home Remodeling Can Last Longer than Construction Time

When planning a home renovation, most people focus on how long they’ll be inconvenienced by a home that’s torn up. But what your clients may not factor in is the amount of planning time it takes to get a project off the ground. That’s one takeaway from the “ 2020 Houzz & Home Overview of U.S. Renovation in 2019 & 2020.” Though construction required between 2.7 and 4.5 months on average to complete various projects that the survey examined, the planning phases took nearly twice as long. Kitchens, for instance, required an average of 8.3 months of planning and only 4.5 months of actual