Today’s Deal Breakers May Surprise Longtime Homeowners

Today’s Deal Breakers May Surprise Longtime Homeowners

If clients have been in their homes for decades, they may not know what home features are dealbreakers today. When they last bought or sold, the must-haves may have been extra garage space, that fourth bedroom, in-unit washers, and dryers in condo purchases. 

Expectations have changed, found NAHB in its study, What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition (

Today’s dealbreakers may surprise some of your sellers. 

The survey asked what features are essential (unlikely to buy a home without the feature), desirable (seriously influenced to buy the home if included) indifferent (would not influence purchase), and do not want (not likely to buy a home with the feature). 

A double kitchen sink and a walk-in pantry were rated essential or desirable by 81% of buyers, with 42% saying that the double sink was essential.

Other wants include table space for eating (78% saying it’s essential or desirable) and a central island and drinking water filtration (32% saying they’re essential). 

When you walk through homes with clients who are preparing to sell, NAHB’s list can help you with seeing how many boxes the given home ticks off. Some of the must-haves may be easy to add.