Senior housing

Age-Friendly Cities

The Case for Age-Friendly Cities

When you think about retirement, and where you’d might like to end up, a variety of options probably come to mind. Whether you want to move closer to a family member, or get away from places with cold winters, you’ll want to make sure that the city you choose has all of the amenities you’ll need to ensure a comfortable, easy lifestyle.

Downsizing Made Easy

Picture this: you’re ready to help a new client sell their home so that they can move to a smaller condo close to family. After earning your Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation, you’ve got the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to make their move a smooth one. However, when you get to their house to help with staging, you’re overwhelmed with the amount of items cluttering the home.
Senior Niche

Deepen Your Senior Niche

You’ve reviewed the coursework, earned your designation, and now you’re ready to dive headfirst into creating and marketing your senior based business!
Aging In Place

Aging in Place: The Right Choice for Your Client?

While there’s plenty of snowbirds that choose a warmer climate to move to, there’s also a growing number of seniors that are choosing to stay in their own homes, or a smaller home close by, as they age.