Planning Phase for Home Remodeling Can Last Longer than Construction Time

Planning Phase for Home Remodeling Can Last Longer than Construction Time

When planning a home renovation, most people focus on how long they’ll be inconvenienced by a home that’s torn up.

But what your clients may not factor in is the amount of planning time it takes to get a project off the ground. That’s one takeaway from the “2020 Houzz & Home Overview of U.S. Renovation in 2019 & 2020.”

Though construction required between 2.7 and 4.5 months on average to complete various projects that the survey examined, the planning phases took nearly twice as long.

Kitchens, for instance, required an average of 8.3 months of planning and only 4.5 months of actual construction.

The Houzz survey ( looked at renovation projects, including interior remodels and additions, exterior upgrades and outdoor projects, and home systems, that were done by homeowners during 2019. It also includes insight about median project costs, motivation for renovating, and the challenges of staying on budget.

It found that planning for master bathrooms took 5.4 months and 4.8 months for guest bathrooms. Even a seemingly straightforward project like a closet renovation required 5.7 months of planning.

So when you’re working with clients who are considering renovations in preparation to sell, it may help them to know that they’ll need to get an early start to hit a planned deadline.

Here’s a chart worth sharing with clients who are contemplating a remodeling project.