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Maintain the Designation

Maintain the Designation

Maintain the Designation

Continue to take advantage of your SRES® Council membership benefits as the market changes and new trends emerge.

We're dedicated to ensuring that you get the continued market knowledge and exclusive resources that make you an essential part of any real estate transaction for seniors in your community.


Already earned your designation? Learn how to renew your membership.

By keeping your NAR and SRES® memberships up to date, you get unlimited access to the tools and information you rely on for success, including:

  • Special reports on real estate trends
  • Bi-monthly newsletters that take an in-depth look at emerging issues for seniors
  • New scripts, concepts, and strategies to connect you with clients over 50
  • Updated marketing materials professionally designed for senior consumers
  • Our online member database that connects you with REALTORS®, buyers, and sellers
  • Senior-focused business networks like AgeInPlace, MoveSeniors, and more

And we'll provide you with timely reminders to renew so that you never miss out on the benefits that are crucial to your business.

If your SRES® membership should lapse for two (2) months, a $50 reactivation fee will be assessed, in addition to the current year’s membership. If you let your membership lapse for five or more years, you’ll need to retake the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation Course before reinstating your SRES® designation.

See requirements for International REALTORS®.


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