Non-traditional Retirement Options

Non-traditional Retirement Options

Your house is quiet again, but you’re not ready for a quiet retirement? Consider these possibilities for the next stage of life:

Cruising Lifestyle

Some retirees opt for luxury cruise ship living on a semi full-time basis, with unlimited food prepared for them, maid service, entertainment venues, exercise options, access to health care, and the ability to see the world. Between sailing stints, they often stay with family or friends, rent a short-term apartment or a long-term hotel room.

RV Living

Many empty-nesters hit the road in their own little home on wheels. Some sell the "family home" and invest in adventure, spending their golden years exploring and discovering new places one road at a time.

Working Retirement

Some people decide to continue working to supplement their retirement income, make up for a lack of retirement funds, or to keep themselves mentally challenged and physically active. When deciding to engage in a "working" retirement, whether part-time, seasonal, or full-time, evaluate your location for friendliness to older workers and retirees.

Going Global

Many retirees decide to settle down in a foreign land, an especially attractive option if a lower cost of living and medical care is desired. Mexico is quite popular among these less-expensive locations, but other Central American countries like Panama and Costa Rica are also attracting interest. 

Co-Habitats and Multi-Generational Living

Tiny houses perched in backyards and apartments crafted out of easy-access walk-out basements afford retirees privacy, with the comfort of having family nearby when needed.

It's also increasingly common for co-habitation to happen in groups of older adults who share common areas and enjoy their own private spaces with food preparation, maid service, and healthcare all onsite.

College Towns

Some mature adults prefer to return to their alma mater or another institution of higher learning. In addition to a college town environment, these areas often offer access to great libraries, the arts, swimming, and athletic facilities, and sporting events. As an added benefit, many offer free college classes to seniors.

Interest-Based Communities

Today there are as many "interest group" retirement communities as you can imagine. Chances are, if you have a particular interest (from country music to flying planes to skiing the slopes to hanging out with aging free spirits) there's a specialty retirement community eager to welcome you!