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Why Turn to an SRES®?

Why Turn to an SRES®?

You’re thinking about selling your home. Maybe you’re retiring, downsizing, or a major life event has made you consider a move. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) has unique training and experience in helping home buyers and sellers in your situation. Why ask a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® to assist you? An SRES® understands that the decision to sell can be difficult. Selling a home can be an emotional time, potentially involving other life decisions. An SRES® understands the issues facing older adults. By taking a no-pressure approach, they can help you navigate your choices and may

SECURE Act’s Implications for Inherited Retirement Accounts

SECURE Act’s Implications for Inherited Retirement Accounts

The SECURE Act (The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019,) a law aimed at improving people’s retirement security, was signed into law at the end of 2019 and has tax implications for those inheriting money from IRAs and 401k accounts. Before, those inheriting such funds could take distributions over their lifetime. But that timeframe has now been reduced to 10 years, meaning that if you’re inheriting an IRA or a 401(k) from someone who passed away on or after January 1, 2020, you’ll need to withdraw those assets within 10 years. They’re taxed as ordinary income and

Leveraging the Reverse Mortgage

Leveraging the Reverse Mortgage

It’s no secret that the reverse mortgage has been on the rise lately. For those aged 62 and older, it can mean the difference between buying a home they think they can afford, and buying a home they love.


Downsizing Made Easy

Picture this: you’re ready to help a new client sell their home so that they can move to a smaller condo close to family. After earning your Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation, you’ve got the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to make their move a smooth one. However, when you get to their house to help with staging, you’re overwhelmed with the amount of items cluttering the home.

Aging and Technology

Aging and Technology: A Robotic Future?

When you read the news today, it’s hard not to come across an article mentioning the growing Artificial Intelligence market, and other technological improvements. While a robotic future can be interesting to think about, have you ever thought that robots may just be the future of aging not only in the U.S., but across the world as well?

Promoting your Senior Business

Promoting Your Senior Business

After earning your Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation you’re probably wondering, “how do I get started?” or “what’s the best way to begin?” It can be a little overwhelming to decide the angle you want to take when it comes to letting potential clients know that you’re ready to help with all of their senior real estate needs. Creating a successful promotion plan is a great way to ensure that your senior based business takes off.

Great Seminar

Sealing the Deal with a Great Seminar

So you’ve made the decision to focus your business on helping seniors. Your heart is in it, you have the passion, but where do you start?

Navigating the Web

Navigating the Web

Do you ever stop to think how vast the internet really is? For most of us, hopping on the computer to check email, browse news updates, or chat with friends and family through Facebook is part of our daily routine. However, it’s easy to overlook how far the internet spreads, and how many people it can connect you to.

More Than One Senior

More Than One “Senior”

When you think of the term “senior,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific age group? Do you have an image in your mind of what a “senior” would look like? Do you ever think about there being more than one type of “senior?”

Senior Niche

Deepen Your Senior Niche

You’ve reviewed the coursework, earned your designation, and now you’re ready to dive headfirst into creating and marketing your senior based business!