Get More Eyes on Listings with Better Descriptions, Careful Staging

Get More Eyes on Listings with Better Descriptions, Careful Staging

With 25% of buyers making offers without even seeing a home -- a statistic from a recent Redfin survey -- it may be more important than ever to showcase features that are most important to today’s shoppers.

In addition to detailed MLS descriptions, images and videos are crucial in conveying the features, feel, and flow of a property. 

Keep an eye out for new surveys and studies to stay up to date on how the pandemic changes homebuyer preferences and how your listings can accommodate those wishes.

For example, 35% of consumers are changing what they’re looking for in a home. That’s according to data presented by Jessica Lautz during the National Association of REALTORS® 2020 Sustainability Summit in July. Lautz is NAR’s vice president, demographics and behavioral insights,

Right now, home offices top consumers’ wish-lists. Two home offices may be desirable when spouses are both working from home, and others may want a third space to accommodate their kids’ schooling.

Lautz also noted that homes that accommodate multiple generations are getting more attention because kids often return home. Some families want to keep older relatives out of seniors-only settings.

Be sure your stagers up on the latest consumer preferences. They may be able to transform a spare room into a desirable office space, for example, or find a niche that can be staged for kids’ remote learning.

They also could show ways to divide space and provide privacy for everyone living in a multigenerational home.

Videographers and photographers also may need detailed directions from you about where to focus their lenses.