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Success Story

Help Clients Duck Buyers’ Remorse

Help Clients Duck Buyers’ Remorse

People navigating a hot market often make snap decisions that can quickly morph into buyers’ remorse. HomeLight’s “2022 Buyer and Seller Insights Report” outlined some of the compromises people made to get a house and the regrets they’re now living with. Here are three common regrets and ways to help your pressured clients avoid them. Overpaying – Have a candid discussion about what they can afford and speak about the ways a big mortgage can short-circuit other goals – retirement savings, travel, and hobbies. Underestimating the total cost of homeownership – Talk about home operation costs –

Great Seminar

Sealing the Deal with a Great Seminar

So you’ve made the decision to focus your business on helping seniors. Your heart is in it, you have the passion, but where do you start?

More Than One Senior

More Than One “Senior”

When you think of the term “senior,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific age group? Do you have an image in your mind of what a “senior” would look like? Do you ever think about there being more than one type of “senior?”