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Help Clients Duck Buyers’ Remorse

Help Clients Duck Buyers’ Remorse

People navigating a hot market often make snap decisions that can quickly morph into buyers’ remorse. 

HomeLight’s “2022 Buyer and Seller Insights Report” outlined some of the compromises people made to get a house and the regrets they’re now living with. 

Here are three common regrets and ways to help your pressured clients avoid them. 

  1. Overpaying – Have a candid discussion about what they can afford and speak about the ways a big mortgage can short-circuit other goals – retirement savings, travel, and hobbies. 

  2. Underestimating the total cost of homeownership – Talk about home operation costs – insurance, utilities, and maintenance – and strategies for reducing them.

    Underestimating home maintenance – During showings, highlight the high-maintenance features, including pools, long driveways (think winter plowing), elaborate gardens, and expansive lawns that will require extra time and money.