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Promoting Your Senior Business

Promoting your Senior Business

After earning your Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation you’re probably wondering, “how do I get started?” or “what’s the best way to begin?” It can be a little overwhelming to decide the angle you want to take when it comes to letting potential clients know that you’re ready to help with all of their senior real estate needs.

Start with the basics

Creating a successful promotion plan is a great way to ensure that your senior based business takes off. Here are some things you can do to get started.

Build a senior-focused website

One of the first things you’ll want to do is create a Senior-centric website. When creating, make sure that you have a memorable URL that not only draws consumers in, but also reflects your niche market. may sound and look appealing, but it doesn’t really clue consumers in on the fact that you specialize in the senior market. Instead, consider trying something like or Both of these examples catch the reader’s attention, but also let them know that seniors are the business’s specialty.

Once you have your URL down, you’ll then want to shape your website around your senior market. Aside from featuring homes that you think would work best for senior clients, consider including pages with resources, articles, and tools that seniors can benefit from. Listing things like senior activity calendars, downsizing professionals, or reverse mortgage lenders will not only help you establish connections and contacts within the senior community, but will also improve the value of your business and your website to seniors.

Advertise in print

After creating a dynamic website, it will also be important to get word out about your business in printed media. While digital seems to be the trend for the future, there are plenty of seniors that are more likely to read the Sunday morning paper than browse the web for news. Consider reaching out to local newspapers about contributing a regular column on senior issues. A column can help you gain exposure in the senior community, while saving you money on expensive print ads.

Use social media

While moving forward with your promotional plan, don’t forget that social media is a great way to get yourself out there as well. Studies show that over two-thirds of baby boomers are active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Along with your website, be sure to create a Facebook page focusing on your senior based business. Use this social media account to share useful articles and post videos or pictures of your listings. When you post, don’t forget to hashtag key phrases. Hash-tagging allows that keyword or phrase to become searchable on the social media site increasing your viewership.


While these three promotional options may give you a great start, there’s plenty more that you can do to ensure that your senior business is successful. As an SRES® Designee, you have access to tons of great tools, including publications, webinars, and marketing materials to help get you started.

So, why wait? The sooner you dive in, the sooner your business will take off. In no time, you’ll become a household name in your community for all things seniors’ real estate.