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Deepen Your Senior Niche

Senior Niche

You’ve reviewed the coursework, earned your designation, and now you’re ready to dive headfirst into creating and marketing your senior based business!

Developing a senior focus

The SRES® Course may have given you the knowledge you need to better assist the senior community with their real estate needs, but it’s important to take that knowledge a step further, deepening your senior niche by connecting with other local senior services and creating a dynamic, targeted marketing plan, guaranteed to turn heads in your local senior communities.

There’s no doubt the work you do with your senior clients is extremely rewarding. Whether you help older generations settle into the perfect age-friendly community, or downsize into a cozy condo near their children or grandchildren, by the end of the transaction, you’re sure to feel fulfilled. But ensuring a happy home for clients isn’t easy to do alone.

Better serve seniors with the right connections

With seniors, there are specific needs and considerations to be met, many of which may fall outside of your line of expertise. Consider connecting with local Elder Law attorneys, Estate Sales and Planning companies, Senior Centers and Communities, and more. Having a list of go to people in your area that can assist in answering questions is a sure fire way to keep your clients happy, and your stress levels low.

Think about incorporating these connections in some of your marketing plans. Inviting a local Elder Law attorney to join you at the seminar you’re hosting for the local senior community provides a great chance to form a working relationship for the future. The attorney is able to market some of his or her services, providing a great incentive for them to work with you again, and can answer questions that you may not be able to. Potential clients will feel safe in your hands knowing you have the tools and connections they’ll need for whatever issue arises.

Think outside the mailbox with your senior marketing

You can deepen your niche even further by stepping outside the box with your marketing. While fliers, brochures, and postcards have definitely stood the test of time, and are a great way to get your information out, there are tons of other options that can make you stand out from the crowd, and keep clients coming back to you for the latest information.

Consider keeping a weekly blog highlighting current senior issues and newsworthy items. Be sure to add links to your blog on your social media sites and business pages, and list it on any hard copy pieces you have as well. You can also incorporate some of your newfound connections into your blog. See if a local Estate Sale company would be willing to write an entry for you to use, highlighting the services they provide. Clients will love the additional information, and feel assured that you’re connected with the right people to assist with their needs.


Feeling like deepening your niche is exactly the thing you need to boost your business but unsure of where to start? Remember that as an SRES® Designee, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a list of business partners with locations across the country that can help you and your clients with everything from downsizing and estate sales, to financial options and considerations.

As your connections grow, and your marketing expands, you’ll have plenty of eager clients ready to work with you, who will be happy to refer you to their friends and families as you prove you’re the go-to senior expert in your community.